Considering travelling to Europe? Well, this is site made for you. Europe has amazing places and cities; everyone should make an effort to visit at least one city there in their lifetime. We offer an insight into places that aren't exactly international tourist hotspots. We believe having travelled all around the world numerous times that Countries in Eastern Europe offer some of the best cities to visit in the world. Why? A growing number of exotic destination seeking travellers are stealing away to to this part of the world. Packed with all of the Allure of the UK, France or Italy Eastern Europe arguably offers cities rich in medieval architecture with just as much grandeur as Western European Cities.  The combination of historical sites, beaches, culture, food, and ridiculously good value for money, makes Eastern Europe a winner. From the southern beaches of the Albanian Riviera, through to snowy mountains, all dotted with an overwhelming number of castles, as well as UNESCO sites, unique capital cities like Budapest , Prague and Warsaw (All Capital cities) and hidden gems like tiny “Tushemisht” – a village that sits on a 3 million year old lake with natural spring water running through the streets and lounge-rooms of the settlement, You’ll never have experienced a part of the world that has so much to offer. Indeed, summarising all there is to see is an impossible task. Which places and cities should you travel to while you're there? Well, on our site you’ll find the Most Amazing Places to Visit in Europe! Below are some of the best countries to visit.