Countries to visit in Eastern Europe



Considering travelling to Eastern Europe? Well, this is site made for you. Europe is such a diverse continent offering some of the most exciting places to visit in the world. With Amazing cities to visit with exciting lifestyles ; everyone should make an effort to visit at least one city in Eastern Europe in their lifetime. On our site you you may come across cities and places you may've never have heard of, some places  that aren't exactly international tourist hotspots but we think this adds to the excitement of visiting places that are still relatively untouched by tourism. We believe having travelled all around the world numerous times that Countries in Eastern Europe offer not only some of the best cities to visit in the world, but some of the most Unique. So what makes Eastern Europe worthy of a visit? Eastern Europe arguably offers cities not only rich in medieval architecture but the combination of historical sites, beaches, culture, food, and ridiculously good value for money, make Eastern Europe a must visit. Eastern Europe has a whole lot of amazing places to visit like the southern beaches of the Albanian Riviera, through to snowy mountains, all dotted with an overwhelming number of castles as well as UNESCO sites, unique capital cities like Budapest , Prague and Warsaw . (All Capital cities) Unique hidden gems like tiny “Tushemisht” – This village lies on on a 3 million year old lake with natural spring water running through the streets and lounge-rooms of the settlement,  You’ll never have experienced a part of the world that has so much to offer at still relativity low prices compared to other parts of Europe and the World. Indeed, summarising all there is to see is an impossible task. Which places and cities should you travel to while you're there? If you don't know where to start click on a country below and see where it takes you. On our site you’ll find the Most Amazing Places to Visit in Eastern  Europe and have a fun time doing it.!

Budget travel tips

Eastern Europe is a budget destination still all though prices are rising slightly compared to 5 years ago as cities in Eastern Europe are becoming more and more popular with tourist visiting from all over the world. Cities previously untouched by tourism are now changing in to tourist cities. Because of this we are offering you some basic money saving travel tips to make your money go further as you travel to these cities. So next time you plan a trip take some of these money saving tips in to action and watch how much money you can save.

Travel tip 1 (Choose your location wisely).

Choosing to stay in the centre of the city may seem like a great thing to do and most people who travel to cities will almost always try get as close to the centre as possible, We realize this is where most things to do are but, be Beware doing this is going to cost you as the prices in the centre of the city are higher than they're on the outskirts. We recommend staying in accommodation outside the heart of the city and using the local public transportation to get the city centre to see the attractions and primes sights of your chosen destination. You'll save a considerable amount of money with this one tip alone and it's not going to take you long to get to city centre.

Travel tip 2 (Use Your Student ID card If You Have One)

If your a student in your country then you can bring your student card on your travels and can get discounts on public transport, museums and attractions. You'll need to to show proof of your I.d when opportunities for discounts arise. It's always handy to carry it with you at all times. Take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves and save yourselves some money.

Travel tip 3 (Avoid Tourist Areas to eat and buy stuff.)

Tourist areas are full of places to eat and shops where you can buy souvenirs. You'll never see locals eating or shopping's in these places for very good reasons, they're very overpriced and are priced at the tourist industry and the locals know that. Many unknowing tourist will pay these prices thinking it's the norm. My advise is find out where the locals like to eat and shop, you'll save a small fortune as food prices in these tourist hot spots charge sometimes 3 times as high. I would recommend getting out the the tourist areas like the centre of the city and moving to the outskirts where most of the locals will live and find some local pubs, restaurants to eat in.

Travel tip 4. (Take Advantage of Free things to do)

In a lot of cities in Eastern Europe there is a free day you can enter museums, this is normally a Monday or Tuesday ( You can find this information by going to the museums on our website) there're a lot of free walking tours, there's one in Prague. The tour guides do expect a tip though. You can walk the local parks or just generally walk the streets and take in the local scenery and beautiful architecture. A beautiful place to do this is Dubrovnik, you can spend hours just walking around the old town with out spending a penny (It's beautiful). We offer guides on free things to do in cities on our city travel guide pages.